Mastech HY1803D Linear Power Supply Single Output 0-18V @ 0-3A

Mastech HY1803D Regulated DC Power Supply Variable Single Output 0-18V @ 0-3A, Linear Mode

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The Mastech HY1803D is highly stable, high quality linear regulated power supply with its output continuously adjustable at 0-18V DC and 0-3A. HY1803D variable power supply comes with 2 LCD displays, providing accurate readout for the voltage and current values.


For sale is a brand new, professional DC regulated power supply from Mastech, Model number HY1803D. This is a highly stable, high quality linear power supply with its output continuously adjustable at 0-18V DC and 0-3A. The unit comes with 2 LCD displays, providing accurate readout for the voltage and current values. 

Features & Specifications:

Adjustable outputs: 0-18V and 0-3A Variable controls for both current and voltage outputs

Input voltage: 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz

Switchable Line regulation: CV <= 0.01% + 1 mV, CC <= 0.2% + 1 mA

Load Regulation: CV <= 0.01% + 3mV, CC <= 0.2% + 3 mA

Ripple noise: CV <= 0.5 mV RMS, CC <= 3 mA

RMS Protection: constant current and short-circuit protection

LCD reading accuracy: +/-1% for voltage and +/-2% for current

Environment: 0-40C, relative humidity < 90%

Size: 9" x 6.8" x 3.7"

Weight: 10 lbs

Mastech HY1803D DC Regulated Power Supply – Users Manual.pdf


Compatible Part Number:

Mastech HY1803D, Linear Mode

Compatible Model:

Constant voltage/ Constant Current.
Voltage  and Current adjustment.
Protection: High current limited.
Back light for dark use.

Excellent for lab, science projects, ham radio, tattoo, slot car or any other use where stable voltage up to 18 volts is required.

Additional Information: Store (HIsGadget Inc) is Mastech's Authorized Reseller in the United States. We guarantee that your Mastech DC Power Supply will be 100% functional or we will issue you an immediate replacement. In addition, the Mastech DC Power Supply is covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty which will be honored by us through our warehouse in Union City, CA.

Customer Reviews

Good value, good power supply - HY1803D Review by Paul 2012-06-19
This is a good general purpose power supply that doesn't take up a lot of space on your test bench. It has large, brightly back-lit, LCD indicators. It has a metal case and a good look to it. I am an old school techie and am happy as could be with this purchase.
The current limiting, constant current mode, is set by. 'applying a load' and adjusting the current knob. It is best to crank the voltage down to about two volts, then short the output and adjust for the maximum amount of current you feel safe with. Disconnect the load/short. Then you can adjust the voltage for what you want to operate with. After that you can use it as a power supply that will not exceed the preset current. That is handy for testing circuits of unknown condition, you won't make too much smoke if the circuit has some serious shorts.
I am happy and would recommend this to any friend needing a good variable power supply.
inexpensive variable lab supply Review by Benja Lane 2012-03-04
Looking for a power supply with variable voltage and amperage, I found one on It offers separate controls for both voltage and amperage, allowing for a multitude of uses. I use it to test small motors and fans, and just to play around with equipment. Finding a supply that won't break the bank is a challenge in itself, and most voltage and amperage variable supplies are $200 and up. If you only need power within the 0-18v and 0-3amp range, then this should be a good match. Highly recommend this power supply.
Very Nice Review by Shelley Herrman 2011-12-28
The current display shows how much current is being passed. The voltage shows how much voltage is being applied. It feels solid, the knobs are perfect for fine tuning. This product does exactly what it says, and very well.
Power supply Review by Joanne Rae 2011-12-21
This power supply works great as a constant current source. It has a small footprint, so it won't take up to much space in your work area. Glad I purchased this unit. This power supply comes with an ac power cord, but does not include any leads.

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